The Kessler School 2020-2021 PTO Board Members


President – Beth Keyes

Oversees PTO program, creates agenda for and runs PTO meetings, solicits volunteers, and acts as liaison with Head of School. In addition, the PTO President decides and governs PTO policy as well as prioritizes and determines approach for all PTO fundraising initiatives and PTO activities.

Vice President/President Elect – 

The VP is the President’s right-hand man or woman and should have a good working relationship with the President. The VP acts as President when the President is absent and as well as oversees/manages/delegates tasks for the back to school events (BooHoo/Yahoo Breakfast, Back to School Picnic, New Family Picnic); works with Secretary Elect/volunteer coordinator to identify and fill all volunteer needs. The Vice President is also the President Elect and will hold the position of President the following year.

Treasurer – Chris Schwegmann

The Treasurer collects dues and payments, manages the organization’s Quickbooks and Squared accounts, meets regularly with the President, approves expenses and reimbursements, manages the bank account, and is directly involved with any event in which PTO monies are handled. The Treasurer also includes the Treasurer Elect in activities, planning, delegating etc.

Treasurer Elect –

The Treasurer Elect is actively involved in learning the role of Treasurer for the following school year. He/she should be at all events where the Treasurer is required and fill in for Treasurer when he/she is unavailable. Also assists with volunteer recruitment and overseeing major events and activities.

Secretary – Jessica Espinosa

The Secretary is responsible for taking notes during PTO meetings and sending them out to the entire membership afterward. The Secretary should maintain an up-to-date list of contact information for other members, volunteers, and their entire audience (parents and community members). The Secretary also maintains the organization’s WordPress website, maintains all files and forms for the group, and communicates with The Kessler School staff to coordinate social media and keep staff informed. The Secretary should include the Secretary Elect in activities, planning, etc. and assist with volunteer recruitment.

Secretary Elect –

The Secretary Elect is actively involved in learning the role of Secretary for the following school year. He/she should attend all events where the Secretary is required and fill in for Secretary when he/she is unavailable. Also serves as Volunteer Coordinator and manages and recruits volunteers for events and programs (lunches, PIN night child care, etc.) and identifies volunteer needs that need to be filled.


Faculty Representative – Courtney Bell

The Faculty Representative serves as a liaison between the PTO Board and Staff.  She/he shall perform other duties as may be prescribed by the PTO Board from time to time.

Photography Coordinator-

The Photography Coordinator is intentional about taking pictures and/or video of all PTO events as well as recruits and manages volunteers for photographs. Media should represent a broad spectrum of our TKS family. He/she regularly and promptly shares photos with the PTO President and Secretary so that they may update the website and social media in a timely manner.

Class Parties Coordinator – Autumn Cooper

The Class Parties Coordinator oversees organization of classroom parties, recruits and manages Party Coordinator volunteers and oversees parent socials.

Pumpkin Patch Chairperson – Allison Maynard

The Pumpkin Patch Chair oversees organization of Pumpkin Patch, a major PTO fundraiser, creates necessary sub-committees as necessary, and recruits and manages volunteers.

Book Fair Coordinator – Megan Griffin

TheBook Fair Coordinator oversees organization of the Winter and Spring book fair, a major PTO fundraiser as well as recruits and manages volunteers for Book Fair.

The Kessler Auction Chairperson – Committee

The Kessler Auction Chairperson, along with the President, oversees organization of The Kessler Auction, a major PTO fundraiser, designates necessary required sub-committees, and recruits and manages volunteers.

Teacher & Staff Appreciation Coordinators – Stephanie Pickel and Rebecca Tucker

The teacher & Staff Appreciation Coordinator oversees organization of Teacher Appreciation Week and teacher appreciation events throughout the school year, creates necessary sub-committees, and recruits and manages volunteers for teacher appreciation events.